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Shisha Pangma 8027m

Fall 2006

Broad Peak 8046m

Summer 2007

              Gasherbrum II 8035m

              Summer 2008

               Cho Oyu  8201m

               Fall 2009                             


              Manaslu  8163m

              Fall 2011


              Nanga Parbat 8125m


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I’m Simone La Terra and I live in between provinces of Brescia and Mantova, near Garda’s lake. In 2005 I left for my first expedition to Himalaya, mountain was Cho Oyu 8201m,  the sixth summit of the planet, but the top remains a dream because of the bad weather and my inexperience. In May 2006 I attempted solo on the Diamir side of Nanga Parbat, but at an altitude of 7500 meters, I was forced to surrender   by the deep snow and the arrival of a strong perturbation. In the same year I decided to  climb in Tibet, this time to Shisha Pangma, which with its 8027 meters is the lowest of the  Eighthousanders. Almost at the end of the season, after more than a month of waiting, I leave the base camp for my last run up. Patience and determination were rewarded on 9 October at 13.30, after 13 hours of climbing when I reach the main summit. In 2007 I personally organized an expedition to Karakorum, my goals were  Broad Peak and K2. On July 12, I reach the main summit of Broad Peak, then, with my friend Marco  Tossutti we moved towards the K2, we climb up beyond the camp 3 to 7500 meters before being repelled by bad weather. In the same winter I was back to Pakistan for Nanga Parbat  with the strong Pakistani climber Karim , but the cold and difficult weather conditions already rejected us on the 6000 meters. Back in 2008 in Karakoram range, but this time for Gasherbrum I and II. Although this was an expedition characterized by long waits and when almost all  the groups were leaving the base camp and trek back home, I and my polish partner Pavel succeed with persistence and determination to climb all the fields of GII and finally, on July 31, with great weather and no other climber, we stepped on the summit of 8035 meters. In spring 2009 I was agoain in Nepal for an attempt to Lhotse 8501m. After two months spent to acclimatize and prepare the 4 fields on the mountain during the night before my  solo attempt at  summit, at 7900 meters, I was struck by a principle of pulmonary edema. I  decided  to descend as soon as possible to survive, and with  no Sherpas no extra Oxigen I had even to recover all the equipment of 4 fields. In late August I was back  in Nepal, giving a new attemp to Cho Oyu from tibetian north route where I was also in 2005. The perfect phisical condition achieved permitted  me to set 2 fields in a week and after 13 days of arrival at base camp I reach the summit with two Spanish friends, Pepe and Fernando. In 2010 I organized  expeditions to Manaslu and Nanga Parbat. The weather in Nepal remained unstable for over two months and two summit attempts  failed  at 7500. On Nanga Parbat, because of the clouds on the mountain, I and my partner Pavel  followed a wrong way, but we opened a new variant to the north summit of 8050 meters without being able to reach the main summit of 8125 meters. In autumn 2011, with the fundamental support of my sponsor, X-BIONIC, I  organized a small expedition to Manaslu and I topped out the mai summit on the 4th October.  After many attempts in the Himalayas and 5 peaks over 8000 meters all achieved without oxygen and without high altitude porters, in the italian Alps I find the ideal place for my climbing training.